Thursday, July 2, 2009

From the "What is Wrong with People?" File

I'm in pain today and my train of thought is short and slow so I've spent time reading the AP wires on Salon in addition to reading and responding to emails at work. I have also managed to meet with two vendors, three of the managers here that I support and train my site supervisor on some new-to-her software. Hey! I have been productive. Here I was feeling like a worthless schmoo but I actually did stuff today! :)

Anyhow... Back on the topic of What's Wrong With People?

On the AP Wire in Salon, I came across this story where a Mom posted a suggestive ad with contact info for a 9yr old girl who was her daughter's rival. Really? She's 9yrs old! Any idea how traumatized a 9yr old girl can be from sexual come ons from grown ment? I have an idea! How can a mom do this to a kid? I really get the need to protect your child and make a perfect little world for them, but to purposefully target the child's rival is crazy. My mom never got involved in the relationships that I had with other kids -- except to tell me that I wasn't allowed to date this boy or that boy or that she didn't care if my friends got to wear makeup at 14.

I was lucky in that I never had to deal with a bully or anything like that. I never had a personal relationship that I needed my mom to interfere in for me. I didn't have a rival in school and certainly not at 9yrs old. My stepson has had some issues with bullies. We did not target them with any sort of retaliatory schemes. We talked to the teachers and the principal and our boy about what to do, how to handle the bully, how to deal with the aftermath of emotions. What is wrong with these parents that kill their child's rival (TX cheerleader) or create fake MySpace personas and false relationships or suggestive Craigslist ads? I just don't get it.

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